Where We Are

Laban Theatre, London
17-18 October 2019

Where We Are developed a collaboration with Lizzi Kew Ross & Co which began in 2017 with Stations of the Resurrection

Choreography: Lizzi Kew Ross devised with the dancers

Video and sound: Mark Dean

Lighting design: Syd Funnell

Costume design: Florence Meredith

Choreographic notes: Layering, placing, replacing, tumbling, falling, folding, revisiting, and looking.

The video projection features dancers Morrighan MacGillivray, Henry Montes, Sonia Rafferty, and Alice Sara rehearsing in Laban studios, where they also teach.

The sound incorporates the voices of children attending Trinity Laban dance classes, with music based on a film theme by Will Oldham (Wendy & Lucy, 2008)

The dance was performed by final year Trinity Laban BA Dance students: Alice Lovrinic, Anna Broom, Ashton Hall, Federica Bertani, Grace Rayner, Hannah Thomas, Ilaria Ignesti, Kathryn Fisher, Laura Rønning Engholm, Marina Novopashina, Miel Kleinman, Mitchell Davis, Natalia Smith, Niamh Fretwell Walsh, Paula Jankowska, Roberto Cherubini, Sara Chiodini, Yueying Ho.

exhibited works:
Where We Are