The Hand

13 Nov – 18 Dec 2010

Edwina Ashton, Mark Dean, David Mackintosh, David Musgrave, Mike Nelson, Cornelia Parker

exhibited works:
Carrie (On)

gallery information:

Hand, 2005, David Mackintosh
Gouache on paper

Carrie (On), 2010, Mark Dean
Single channel video with sound
Edition 1/3

Pornographic Drawing, 2005, Cornelia Parker
Videotape (confiscated by HM Customs) dissolved in solvent

The Doctor was Early, 2008, Edwina Ashton
Watercolour & ink

The Eye, 2005, David Mackintosh
Gouache paint, dimensions variable

Television drawing no. 1, 2005, David Musgrave
Graphite on paper

Three colour drawing no.1, 2009, David Musgrave
Colour pencil on paper

The Work is Done, 1996, Mike Nelson
Ink on book page