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Stations of the Cross, St Stephen Walbrook, London, 2017

Laura Moffatt, ‘Stations of the Cross and Resurrection’, Art & Christianity, No 90, Summer 2017
Muriel Zagha, ‘From Psycho to Transcendence’, Elephant, 2017
Stations of the Cross | Stations of the Resurrection, Stations 2017, catalogue, ISBN 978-1-5272-0874-2s 

from the series Stations of the Cross

© acknowledgements:
Olympia (1938) 
David Bordes, Sister Andreina holding Yves Klein’s ex-voto for Santa Rita di Cascia in 1999 


The Thirteenth Station: Jesus is taken down from the cross

A reading from Yves Klein’s prayer accompanying his ex-voto to St Rita of Cascia:

1961, Feb. Y.K.

– The BLUE, the GOLD, the PINK, the IMMATERIAL, the VOID, the architecture of the air, the urban planning of the air, the air-conditioning of the great geographic spaces for a return to a human life in nature, in the Paradisiac state of legend. The three fine gold ingots are the product of the sale of the first 4 ZONES OF IMMATERIAL PICTORIAL SENSIBILITY.

– To Almighty God Father in the name of the Son, Jesus Christ and in the name of His Son Jesus Christ and in the name of the Holy Spirit and of the Holy Virgin Mary. Through St. Rita da Cascia, under her care and protection, all my infinite gratitude. Thank you. Y.K.

– St. Rita da Cascia, please intercede with Almighty God the Father that he may always grant me in the name of His Son Jesus Christ and the name of the Holy Spirit and of the Holy Virgin Mary the favour of inhabiting my works and that may become ever more beautiful, and also the favour that I may continually and regularly discover ever new and lovelier things in art even if alas I may not always be worthy to be a tool for the construction and creation of Great Beauty. Please let everything that comes out of me be Beautiful. Amen, Y.K.

– Under the earthly care of St. Rita da Cascia: the Pictorial Sensibility, the monochromes, the I.K.B.s, the sponge sculptures, the immaterial, the static anthropometrical imprints, positive, negative and in movement, the shrouds, the Fountains of Fire, of water and Fire – the architecture of the air, the urbanism of the air, the air-conditioning of geographic spaces thus transformed into constant Gardens of Eden rediscovered on the surface of our globe – the Void.

– The theatre of the Void – all the particular variations in connection with my work – the Cosmogonies – my Blue sky – all my theories in general – May my enemies become my friends, and if that is impossible, may nothing which they might attempt againstme ever be of any avail or ever affect me in any way whatever – Make me, and all my works, totally invulnerable. Amen.

– May all my works at Glesenkirchen always be Beautiful, more and more beautiful, and let them be recognized as such more and more and as quickly as possible. May the Fountain of Fire and walls of Fire, be executed by me in the Opera square at Gelsenkirchen without delay – May my Krefeld Exhibition be the greatest success of the century and be recognized by all.

– St. Rita of Cascia, Saint of impossible and desperate causes, thanks be to you for all powerful, decisive and marvellous help which you have granted me so far – I thank you with all my heart. Even if I am not personally worthy to receive it grant me aid again and always in my art and always protect everything that I have created so that it may, despite me, be of Great Beauty for ever. Y.K.