Stations of the Resurrection


St Paul’s Cathedral, London
26 April 2017

12 monitor video and sound installation, with dance by Lizzi Kew Ross & Co, feat. Morrighan MacGillivray, Henry Montes, Sonia Rafferty, Alice Sara, David Waring


Stations 2017


Stations of the Cross | Stations of the Resurrection, Stations 2017, catalogue, ISBN 978-1-5272-0874-2s
Lucy Newman Cleeve, ‘From Station to Station – In the Order of Signs’, catalogue essay
Laura Moffatt, ‘Stations of the Cross and Resurrection’, Art & Christianity, No 90, Summer 2017
Muriel Zagha, ‘From Psycho to Transcendence’, Elephant, 2017

exhibited works:




Here Comes the Sony


‘Here Comes the Sony is a twelve-screen video and sound work, installed for the first time under the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral during Eastertide. It reinterprets the tradition of the Stations of the Resurrection, which emerged to encourage meditation on the resurrection appearances of Jesus recorded in the New Testament. Being Here, devised by choreographer Lizzi Kew Ross and the dancers, is performed on the stage formed by the circular placement of television monitors under the dome. Five dancers emerge from the shadows around the edge of the stage and start to navigate the space, sometimes individually and sometimes in groups of far-off and nervous proximity. The on-lookers find themselves within the action of these movements.’