Stations 2020

Arts Chaplaincy Projects
Easter 2020

Stations 2020 developed material from Stations of the Cross (2017), adding a new 15th Station (documented above) and readings remotely recorded on Maundy Thursday.

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exhibited works:

1. The Royal Road
2. The Sparrow
3. The End of Alice
4. My Mum (V2-Sensitive)
5. Golden Rehearsal
6. The Veil of Veronica (offset Halo)
7. A Minor Place
8. Daughters of Jerusalem
9. In Freundschaft
10. God Is Not Mocked
11. My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?
12. The Christmas Tree
13. The Bearer
14. Cartoon Burial
15. Here Comes The Sony (Rehearsal)