Beaconsfield, London
17 Jan – 8 Feb 1998
Mark Dean, Michelle Griffiths, Stephen Nicholas & Matthew Caley, Tal Shoshan, Claire Shilito, Sol Sneltvedt

Mark Harris, Who’s Afraid of Red, White & Blue…ARTicle Press, London, ISBN 1-873352-72-7
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Neal Brown, ‘Instantaneous: Beaconsfield, London’, Frieze, June 1998
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exhibited works:




Picture In Picture (TyhaerPGincatiurroeDoffoDeorruitacniGPreahyT)



23 Jan



Jane/Fonda (Barbarella/Klute)


30 Jan



Go Together (The Wild One x 2 – 17)





Fondue (The Girl On A Motorcycle / 1960-date)


plus Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising


6 Feb



Scorpio Rising 2 (The Gospel according to St Matthew/Hells Angels on Wheels)