1. Paul Hobson 09.04.09 / 12pm

    Dear Mark,

    Please forgive my contacting you directly, but I am writing to you personally to invite you to become an Artist Member of the Contemporary Art Society.

    As you may know, the Contemporary Art Society is the national organisation for contemporary collectors; through our events and activities, we promote informed and meaningful private collecting in support of artists, and fundraise to purchase works for public collections across the UK. Although our membership is largely constituted from critics, collectors, curators and enthusiasts, we have never previously offered membership to artists. On reflection, we feel that this is slightly odd, bearing in mind that artists are our primary stakeholders.

    Therefore, for the first time in our 100 year history, we are inviting a strictly limited number of artists, with whom we have either worked through our programmes – including Artfutures – or purchased through our acquisition schemes for collections, to become Artist Members of the Contemporary Art Society.

    Please note that as we are only offering a limited number of memberships, this is an invitation-only scheme exclusively for those artists with whom we have worked through our programmes, and is not open to general application.

    We view this new membership as a way of strengthening our association with those artists whose work we feel is critically engaged and of interest, and to provide advocacy for those artists to our membership through this new scheme.

    Artist membership is by invitation only and is offered at £25 per annum, simply to cover the administration of the scheme. As an Artist Member you will be listed on the Contemporary Art Society website, which is a destination for audiences interested in contemporary collecting, with a link through to images of your work and biographical details, including a statement on your practice. You will also have access to a number of events each year which bring together our Artist Members with those interested in contemporary art and collecting, as well as educational and networking events, designed to provide insight into the market for contemporary art.

    I do hope you will accept this invitation.

    Please would you kindly respond to who will be managing this new scheme.

    Paul Hobson
    Contemporary Art Society
    11-15 Emerald Street
    London WC1N 3QL
    T +44 (0)20 7831 1243
    F +44 (0)20 7831 1214

  2. simon walker 09.11.09 / 12pm

    Heh Mark

    Have enjoyed being on your site for 10 mins- hypnotised now!!

    Let’s stay in touch- I’d love to be involved as your conversations develop

    Hope the big ‘out’ is a blessing for you this week!


  3. romy 12.11.09 / 10am

    Hello Mark,

    Im not sure if you remember me but I was in your tutor group at Goldsmiths in 2004. I am having a show on Wednesday 18th november in Redchurch street and I wanted to invite you.

    Best wishes,


  4. sarah 11.02.10 / 10am

    good to see you yesterday and I loved seeing your work on this site….I think I could have learned alot from you as a lecturer.
    Send me your address and I’ll send drum and bass

    and if you send me your email I’ll send you a picture from Norwich, I printed up some old negs from that time, they have such a powerful resonance, remember how cold it was..
    love sarah

  5. William Esdale 17.02.10 / 10pm


    Thank you for taking time to talk today with me. Here are links to my other works.

    Again, thank you.
    William Esdale

  6. Juan Suanca 24.02.10 / 7pm

    Hi Mark,

    Insisting a bit in what we talked today, I want to chat with you about meditative and/or hypnotic spaces, their relation with mantras (ragas for instrumental), and the possibility to have topics like these as a background in a research project. What would be these “concept’s” real relevance this days?

    I formulate this rather weird question because I’m basing my project in time perception and I’m thinking about the possibility that time is really a mind created phenomena and not a physical dimension… (…) I don’t know, I guess I ‘ve always wanted to travel in time.

    Anyway, sorry for all this rambling. A blog with just a couple of things I’ve done:

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  8. Don W 26.08.10 / 10pm

    I can be reached at 480 366-3303

  9. Nedda Ahmed 15.09.10 / 3pm

    Hello, I’m the Arts Librarian at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. One of my film faculty would like me to purchase a copy of your film “Goin’ Back: The Birds/The Byrds.” Are you currently selling DVD versions of this film? If so, please send ordering instructions & pricing information.

    Thank you!

  10. Rebecca Shatwell 06.10.10 / 9pm

    Hi Mark

    Sorry I’ve not been in touch since Berwick in 2007, and I lost your email address!

    I’m now running AV Festival in the North East – see and I’d really like to talk to you about the next Festival in March 2012 which has the theme of Slowness.

    Be great to hear from you

    Best, Rebecca (Shatwell)

  11. Malin Andersson 22.11.10 / 11pm

    Hey Mark!
    I’v got your name from Naomi at Beaconsfield. I met her during Art screening International videofestival i Örebro Sweden this autum. I participated with my videowork “Cassock”. She firmaly recommend me to see your now ongoing exhibiton and try to meet you. I´m ordained in the church of Sweden and for two yeas ago I went to artschool. I´m now working both as an artist and a priest. I planning to come to London in january to see your exhibition and would really like to meet you. The dates I´m thinking of is 11th to the 14th of january. Is there any possibility do this?

    Yours sincerlly // Malin Andersson

  12. yvonne craig 24.11.10 / 1pm

    I’d like to put your website in my blog of last night’s prvate view
    Yvonne Craig Inskip

    My blog: INSCAPE at